Immersive Experience {Content  + Web Activation}

360° Virtual Reality Invitation  for Sanofi

We created a VR Virtual Invitation and Branded VR Cardboards. Our cg team re-created 3D version of a Sanofi Conference Room in VR. 

Immersive Invitation

We made use of VR virtual Invitation and Branded VR cardboards to create an immersive and powerful experience that allows people to experience the Sanofi conference room in full VR greatness. This included an exclusive Sanofi event with VR invitations for invitees.


A landing page with the 360 video and instructions along side a VR cardboard was sent to all invitees.


Branded VR Cardboards

A total of 1000 branded VR cardboards were sent to those who were invited to this exclusive Sanofi event!