Immersive Experience {Content + Distribution}

360° Virtual Reality Live stream production

The Samsung VR team worked in synergy with LiveXLive for a live stream production of the Rolling Loud LA concert in 360VR. Genius is proud of the partnership with Samsung VR for 360 live stream productions.

An immersive live stream that changes the way we experience music!

This is a stereoscopic 360 live stream that features 360 live spatial audio and creates an experience that is modern and unique. We implemented the Samsung 360 round, and we streamed directly to the Samsung VR platform with the use of the Samsung Gear VR headsets. This created an undeniably powerful experience.

Backstage immersion like never before!

We are also including an outstanding backstage experience with the VIP lounge and exclusive interviews with the artists for fans to enjoy.  This technology is making it easier for artists and concert organizers to create outstanding experiences that people can engage from the comfort of their homes.