Immersive Experience {Content  + Web Activation}

360° VR Visit of PWC Canada for Human Resources

PwC’s Transformation by innovation. We created a narrated Virtual Visit to showcase the PwC Canada team and the Montreal office. Branded VR cardboards were sent to invited guests.

PwC’s Transformation by Innovation

Immersive Event


A 360 visit to PWC that showcases the Canadian Team, and the Montreal office.


Branded VR Cardboards

1000 branded VR cardboards were given away.  Our branded cardboards were sent to all invited guests in order to ensure that they could engage in a truly immersive experience.


This is an innovative technology that is allowing people to connect in unprecedented ways and that is the reason why both VR and AR are now such a powerful and engaging service.  Creating presentations that give people the chance to experience locations in truly innovative and powerful ways.

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