Immersive Experience {Content  + Activation}

360° Virtual Reality tour of the Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral.

La Capitale is proud to be the primary co-sponsor of the Quebec tour of Notre Dame de Paris.  For the 20th anniversary of the musical comedy, we created an immersive experiential activation using Virtual Reality.  See how we took opening night audiences in Quebec City and Montreal on a 360° virtual reality tour of the famous Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral.

Turning ideas into incredible experiences

La Capitale asked us to provide ideas in order to ensure that their presence during the opening nights of the Musical tours was felt with full force. We know that this was the perfect opportunity to create a fully immersive experience to give people the chance to see the Cathedral.


Branded VR Cardboards

With our branded VR cardboards, guests could relive the experience with the use of their mobile devices anytime they wanted.


An immersive experience with plenty of emotion is what attendees felt when they started their virtual tour. This is a technology that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and it has been fine-tuned to be easy on the eyes.

Visit the cathedral in 360 VR

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