Location Based Mobile XR App

  • Location Based Content
  • Augmented Reality Characters & Artifacts
  • 360 Virtual Content
  • Gamified Coin & Artifact Collection
  • Animated Avatars

Augmented + Virtual Reality showcasing Real History

Gettysburg: A Nation Divided

Narrated by actor Scott Eastwood, this award-winning, immersive, time-travel adventure takes you back to July 1, 1863 to witness the Battle of Gettysburg. The app uses exciting mixed reality technologies combined with photo-real animation to explore the story of the turning point in the Civil War. Historically accurate in every detail, this experience puts you in the middle of the battle to stand beside the people who made history and to watch the battle unfold around you.

Available on both iOS & Android

Location Based

We created a digital map of the Gettysburg Battlefield and put it on top of Google Maps. We used the Google Maps API to create routes and navigation to each Location. When arriving at each location, the content is unlocked and the user gets Coins for being on Location at Gettysburg. 

Augmented Reality Characters

When arriving on Location users can place 3D AR characters and watch them exactly where they stood in History. These experiences can also be unlocked in different locations, like in your home. 

Immersive Content

Immersive yourself in realistic 3D virtual reality on your mobile. Watch exactly how it happened and stand exactly where the battles took place. 

Animated History

Real people from History have been animated to give you the best Historical view of what was going in during the Civil War. Seven different characters are animated in realistic Avatars that immersive you into the time of the Battle!

Gamifying the experience

The app also contains a gaming element as users will be collecting coins at each location that they experience with AR. Those who collect artifacts will also get more coins.  Overall, this is an outstanding VR experience with full 360 immersive moments that will take you right into the heat of battle.

360 Flag Views

The exact location of each commander in the Battle of Gettysburg at different times and locations.  Virtually visit and click on the Flag views for more information. (In the App)

360 VR Scenes 

Realistic 3D VR videos are available for each location.  Immerse yourself in the Battlefield! 

Gettysburg: A Nation Divided on ABC News

Experience an Immersive Time Machine! 

3D & Animations produced by MOONTOWER VFX