Immersive Experience {Content  + Activation}

360° Virtual Reality tour of the Desjardins New Concept

We created Virtual Visits for Desjardins’ new retail spaces. Branded VR cardboards were given to customers and on-goers at different marketing activations during 2018-2019 to ensure that they could enjoy the experience anytime they wanted on their mobile devices.

Take a tour of the latest concept design

The new clientele was able to experience the new concept design in a way that felt genuine and immersive. This was an excellent way to introduce something that was still in development to gauge acceptance levels.


Branded VR Cardboards

Visitors were handed VR cardboards that they could use to visit the VR locations once again any time they wanted. This was a perfect way to engage them at home.

A fully immersive experience!

Visiting the new Desjardins locations is a breeze with top quality Virtual reality!

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