About Us

Founded in 2005, GeniusXR is a multidisciplinary immersive content creation and development studio. Innovation has been key to the Company’s growth, from application development to content and software. It has always used the cutting edge in technology to produce and distribute content. In 2014, Genius’ passion for immersive storytelling naturally led the Company to the Immersive world. Our mission is to combine the best of the virtual and real-life to tell the best stories.

Genius has built a strong knowledge and experience regarding emerging technologies over the last ten years. This came along with a growing team, which brought all skills and qualities required to master those new technologies such as AR, VR, 360 3D, and videography. The strength of the team comes from its diversity, its backgrounds, expertise and cultures, and having worked for various companies evolving in various fields.


Experiential Marketing
Mobile Apps
Augmented Reality
Virtual Reality
Cloud Software
Software Development
Volumetric Video Capturing
Artificial Intelligence